How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Pinterest money

Pinterest recently introduced new profile layouts, making it easier than ever for creators to build their brand. With over 400 million monthly actives, the platform presents major monetization potential in 2022 for those with the right strategy.

This comprehensive guide will teach you proven methods to profit from Pinterest’s popularity this year.

A Quick Primer on How to Make Money on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform where users find and share images or videos on different topics, known as pins. The content is organized into themed collections called boards.

Here are some key stats:

  • 81% of users are female
  • Over 200 billion pins have been saved to Pinterest
  • 90% of pinners have made a purchase based on content seen

This massive community presents lucrative opportunities to drive traffic and sales. Let’s explore the top ways you can start monetizing Pinterest.

1. Launch a Blog and Drive Targeted Traffic from Pinterest

Starting a blog tailored to Pinterest users is a proven way to profit. By driving traffic from optimized Pinterest content to your money-making blog, you can earn in a variety of ways. Go here for a website all about creating a blog, blogbasics101.

Choose a Blog Niche That Resonates on Pinterest

Consider these factors when picking a topic:

  • Visual appeal – Content that is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, like recipes, art, fashion, nature.
  • Practical use – Tutorials, how-to, crafts, DIY. Pinners love learning new skills.
  • Aspirational tone – Home decor, travel, lifestyle. Provide inspiration.

Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest Traffic

Follow SEO best practices when setting up your blog. This will boost your search visibility on Pinterest.

  • Choose keyword-rich domain name and page titles
  • Include meta descriptions optimized for Pinterest
  • Use plugins like Tailwind to incorporate Pinterest-friendly image sizes
  • Write long-form, engaging posts using keywords naturally
  • Include plenty of photos/graphics in posts to encourage re-pins

For example, the food blog The Recipe Blossom optimized content for Pinterest keywords like “easy vegetarian recipes” and drove a 34% increase in traffic from Pinterest as a result.

Create A Strong Pinterest Presence

To drive maximum traffic to your blog, your Pinterest profile should:

  • Use a consistent, recognizable profile pic and branding
  • Niche down with focused boards using SEO-optimized titles
  • Create eye-catching pins for all blog posts with concise, keyword-rich descriptions

Promote Your Pins

Getting your content seen takes effort. Consider promotions like:

  • Sharing your pins in relevant Facebook groups or forums
  • Running Pinterest contests to increase shares and engagement
  • Collaborating with Pinterest influencers in your niche

Measure the ROI on your promo efforts and double down on what works.

Monetize Your Pinterest Blog Traffic

With more visitors coming from Pinterest, you can earn from:

  • Display ads – Google AdSense, Mediavine, Ezoic
  • Affiliate marketing – Share links to recommended products
  • Selling digital products – eBooks, courses, merchandise

Over time, aim to diversify your income streams for stability.

Actionable Tips for Launching Your Pinterest Money Blog:

  • Claim a keyword-rich custom domain
  • Get hosting – go with SiteGround or Bluehost
  • Install WordPress and SEO plugins like Yoast
  • Design visually appealing layout
  • Create content optimized for Pinterest keywords
  • Set up Pinterest business account
  • Build niche boards with SEO descriptions
  • Run a Pinterest traffic building checklist [download here]

2. Sell Your Own Physical/Digital Products on Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform for selling your own products directly to purchasers.

Here is how to set up Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” feature:

Eligibility: Need a business account, Shopify/Etsy integration, hit monthly view thresholds

Setup Process: Connect store, enable buyable pins in settings, create product pins

Optimization Tips: Use high-quality photos, focus on trends, refresh pin content regularly

Over 2 million monthly active Pinners are using Buyable Pins to purchase products without leaving Pinterest.

How to Successfully Sell on Pinterest

Follow these best practices used by top Pinterest shops:

  • Niche down to attract your target buyers
  • Use high-quality product photos – Images make or break sales
  • Write compelling, benefit-focused product descriptions
  • Strategically price products
  • Analyze performance data in Pinterest analytics to refine your shop

“After optimizing my product pins for keywords, my shop’s monthly views increased by 22%.” – Sara C., Handmade Jewelry Shop Owner

Common Challenges and Solutions For Pinterest Shop Owners

Here are some hurdles sellers face, and tips to overcome them:

Low sales volume – Run targeted Pinterest ads to reach more potential buyers. Participate in seasonal sales.

Inventory management – Use a stock management system like Cin7. Streamline ordering/shipping with Shopify automation.

Standing out – Offer exclusives like limited editions, flash sales, or membership perks.

With persistence and data-driven enhancements, your Pinterest shop can become a major income stream.

Top Tips For Pinterest Shop Success:

  • Curate your shop with up to 50 high-performing products
  • Refresh your boards frequently with new product pins
  • Run promotions and giveaways to build your brand community
  • Integrate your Pinterest shop with ecommerce platforms
  • Ensure you understand and follow Pinterest’s merchant policies
  • Automate order processing with a tool like Privy or Klaviyo

3. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Skilled Pinterest virtual assistants are highly sought after to manage accounts. This is an amazing way to profit from your Pinterest expertise.

Responsibilities and Impact of a VA:

  • Creating eye-catching content
  • Monitoring analytics and providing data-driven recommendations
  • Responding to comments and engaging the community
  • Running campaigns and promotions
  • Increasing brand awareness and conversions

“We’ve seen a 21% increase in website traffic and 27% growth in daily pin impressions since starting with our amazing Pinterest VA.”

Getting Started as a Pinterest VA

Follow these steps:

  • Take online courses to build skills
  • Create portfolio highlighting past projects
  • Set competitive rates starting at $15/hour for beginners
  • Reach out to potential clients through Pinterest and blogging forums
  • Focus on delivering great results and building lasting relationships

Action Items for Launching Your Pinterest VA Business:

  • Set up a Pinterest business profile
  • Determine your hourly rate based on current benchmarks
  • Build portfolio website showcasing your work
  • Respond to VA job postings in Facebook community groups
  • Leverage client testimonials for word-of-mouth referrals

Make Money on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing lets you earn commission promoting products you love.

Getting Started:

  • Identify affiliate programs that fit your niche
  • Get approved to programs like Amazon Associates
  • Create affiliate links for relevant products
  • Share affiliate links via image pins – use #affiliate to disclose
  • Track clicks and conversions in affiliate dashboards

Rich pins allow users to preview products without leaving Pinterest – perfect for affiliates.

Tips For Success:

  • Only pick products you can authentically recommend
  • Share affiliate links selectively
  • Use rich pins to highlight affiliate products
  • Analyze performance and optimize based on insights
  • Regularly update content to promote new products

Affiliate income can become a significant revenue stream when executed effectively.

Action Plan to Get Started:

  • Identify 2-3 affiliate programs to apply for
  • Create affiliate links for your top product recs
  • Design compelling pins for affiliates
  • Share affiliate pins consistently
  • Monitor clicks, conversions, and optimize


As you can see, Pinterest offers numerous opportunities to earn real income in 2022 if you implement the right monetization strategies.

The keys to success are:

  • Maintaining a long-term mindset
  • Continuously analyzing your data to optimize
  • Diversifying your income streams
  • Adapting as Pinterest evolves

Start executing your Pinterest monetization game plan today! Feel free to pin this guide for future reference.

This article contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase a course through this link.

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